Central City Co-Op Farmer First

Founded by a group of like-minded friends in 1998, Central City Co-Op is Houston’s oldest organic, sustainable food co-op. As a “Farmer-First” grocery (and now coffee bar/seasonal test kitchen, too!), we support local, organic growers and makers, giving them opportunities to succeed, and to inspire our community to come together around a seasonal, local food culture.

Central City is growing roots in Houston’s Heights neighborhood. Come grow us and help us on our mission to change people’s lives for the better, one farmer, customer, member, and community at a time.

(Members and Non-Members are equally welcome!) 


Meet the Farmers

Bee2Bee Honey Collective
Bee2Bee Honey Collective provides beekeeping services and hyperlocal honey throughout Houston. Our specialties include small-batch neighborhood honeys, honey infusions and products of the beehive. Our mission is educational – we provide beekeeping mentorship to individuals/families as well as classes and presentations on various subjects such as backyard beekeeping, urban pollination, honey varietals, honey marketing and honey pairing.
“Honey is a nature’s time capsule of a specific moment and place in time. I encourage you to taste your neighborhood’s unique mix of flora!”
– Nicole Buergers, Founder
Photo attribution – Jake Eshleman’s “Telling of the Bees” photo docuseries. www.jakeeshelman.com