RC Ranch Craft Meats

R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats

Bailey’s Prairie, Texas

Fulfilling the vision for diversified product offerings, R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats, based in Bailey’s Prairie, Texas, the family-owned and operated ranch adheres to a rigid discipline of best practices to protect its ranching legacy and provide a modern and affordable option for consumers seeking humanely-raised, high-quality products. R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats will offer a vast selection of premier ranch-raised meats including Texas Wagyu beef, Choice Angus beef, Heritage pork, Dorper lamb, wild game, specialty sausages.

“Long before farm-to-table was popular, we were searching for the best quality farm foods and raising it ourselves on the ranch,” said Ryan Cade, Co-Founder, R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats. “Now more than ever, consumers care about where their food comes from. This is how we’ve operated from the start and we’re excited to bring products from R-C Ranch and Texas farms and ranches like ours to you and your families to enjoy.”