We support local, sustainable farmers who are essential to helping the Houston community thrive. Our Co-Op brings local producers and consumers together, strengthening the local food economy while providing jobs and keeping more capital in the area. By allowing our suppliers and makers to earn what they require to keep growing and better provide for their own families, this allows Central City to help drive a more sustainable food system that helps grow a healthier community.

4 Ways We Eat with Integrity

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint 
Our goal is to be as zero waste as possible. Unlike big agriculture, our growers and makers use ecologically sound methods that don’t exploit our environment. We prioritize local, organic, Non-GMO, fair trade items that are minimally processed and packaged in reusable, recyclable, or compostable containers.

Sourcing Nutrient Rich Food
We think of ourselves as the farm in your backyard, stocking our shelves with the best of the season. The Co-Op is selective about who we partner with, only working with like-minded growers and makers who utilize sustainable practices, regenerative agriculture, and chemical free processes.

Directly Supporting the Local Economy 
Our community is strengthened by choosing local. Not only does it help our local economy by investing in businesses within the community and maintaining jobs, but it brings us closer to each other. We want to bridge the gap between our farmers and our customers to foster a local, sustainable, organic food culture.

Eating Seasonally
Central City Co-Op encourages the community to adopt a new way of eating, which aligns with the seasons. By letting the farmers dictate what is sold in our store, we are able to nourish Houstonians with produce that has been harvested at the peak of its season and retains all of its health benefits and flavor due to the short distance travelled. 

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